After a difficult year, the task now is to tackle the challenges of tomorrow.
For you as a corporate decision-maker, this is a giant task:
  • Am I prepared?
  • Do we have the right innovation strategy for our company?
  • And are we in a position to implement them in a target-oriented manner?
At the High-Tech Partnering Days, the right questions were discussed. From February 9 to 11, 2021, decision-makers met top managers, experts and visionaries. At the same time, we promoted concrete results by creating direct access to innovative start-ups with solutions areas such as Digital TechLife Science & Healthcare sowie Industrial Tech
The High-Tech Partnering Days were more than just a video conference:
  • Vision Speeches by federal ministers and high-profile executives.
  • Current trends and approaches to solutions from selected experts in workshops and panel discussions.
  • 1:1 meetings and smaller discussion groups.
  • Exciting personalities and the right partners for your innovation strategy.