VDI Nachrichten reported in February 2021 about BOX ID Systems:

„The eleven-member team’s mission: monitor the position of load carriers in supply chains with trackers and cloud software. “It’s not uncommon for containers to get lost even in closed loops. Many companies struggle with shrinkage rates of up to 20% per year,” says sales manager Christian Trösch. The result is high costs, Trösch illustrates with an example. According to this example, a medium-sized glass manufacturer delivers its products to customers throughout Europe with 2000 racks, each of which has a value of around €500. The manufacturer does not get 20% of the load carriers back because the frames are forgotten or end up with another supplier. The bottom line is a loss of a whopping €200,000. A loss that could be prevented with a comparatively small investment. For around €2, load carriers can be equipped with trackers that connect to Box ID Systems’ cloud software via radio or WLAN hotspots. Their exact position is thus visible at all times.“