The Challenge

  • Logistics chains are becoming more complex as a result of internationalization and supplementary networked supply chains.
  • Tracking the flow of mobile assets like containers and racks and their contents along the supply chain today requires elaborate IT system integrations, cost-intensive manual processes (manual scanning) and maintenance-intensive technology (RFID gates).

Our Solution: We Make your Assets Smart– Simple, Long Lasting and Cost Effective

BOX ID Systems develops and offers end-to-end solutions that cost effectively locate and identify millions of logistics assets along their way in the production chain – both site-to-site and indoors. Customers benefit from making their logistics processes more efficient and get 100% transparency within their supply chain.

BOX ID products have the following core features:

  • Low-cost tracking system that allows localization using the same IP technology stack with minimum local infrastructure - wide range within the supply chain covered.
  • The BOX ID technology allows you to position and identify your assets seamlessly both indoors (e.g., in warehouses) and outdoors.
  • Transparency of your mobile assets, load carriers and other goods increases the quality and efficiency of your processes.
  • With a wide range of end-to-end solutions, your smart assets are immediately operational.
  • The design of the system is characterized by low energy consumption and event-based data, resulting in an extremely long operating life, up to 10 years.
  • Utilization of worldwide LPWAN Networks via Sigfox / NB-IoT for secure data transmission and enterprise SLAs.

As an experienced team with a strong network in the automotive and electronics sector, coupled with an experienced industrial supplier environment, we integrate embedded hardware, connected devices and cloud software.

The BOX ID Web Interface

The collected data can be visualized with the new version of the cloud-based BOX ID Web Interface:

  • Data from thousands of LPWAN tracking sensors are integrated and fused with the customer's ERP systems.
  • Handling of the software works just as smoothly: simple usability, universal programming interfaces (APIs) as well as a clear web interface support end-to-end processes without great effort for roll-out or training.
  • You can display all your collected asset tracking data and gain valuable insights for your business, create transparency, and acquire differentiating knowledge about your processes.
  • Easy integration and APIs to any customer’s business systems.
  • Private enterprise cloud support with AWS and Azure.

The functions of the BOX ID software platform are numerous:

  • Assets and asset types can be created and then linked to the BOX ID tags,
  • Marking of assets with user-created, virtual labels,
  • Zones of interest can be configured to send an e-mail notification if an asset is e.g. entering or leaving a specific area,
  • Process view specifically designed for monitoring the circulation of containers in the supply chain - all zones and subzones that have been created, as well as all assets contained therein, are displayed here via a hierarchical zone tree,
  • And much more...

Site to Site Tracking and Indoor Zone Flow

BOX ID offers a localization and identification system to track mobile assets and, in particular, containers along the industrial supply chain.

The system is suitable for the simultaneous tracking of millions of objects, robust and secure through LPWAN technology. The data transfer takes place via a Europe-wide LPWAN-network (also known as “0G”-network), which transmits all data securely and operates seamlessly in numerous countries. Further advantages of this technology are following:

  • Low energy: No need of a SIM-card or specific hardware. Very long battery lifetime can be reached.
  • Simple: The location of the device is sent directly to the BOX ID System.
  • Global: Location service is available in many countries with no additional roaming costs.
  • Indoor and outdoor: Assets can be located in any place where network coverage is available. Low coverage areas or buildings can be equipped with additional base stations.

Sensors of industrial quality are used for data collection:

  • Activation and integration, as well as the mounting of the devices, is effortless.
  • Once installed, the smart tags last up to ten years and are maintenance-free for more than five years.
  • They can be produced quickly and cheaply, are wind and weather resistant, and indicate if they have been removed.
  • They can be quickly and easily mounted and have been proven very effective in the automotive and industrial sectors.

In combination with the smart BOX ID tags, GPS- and WLAN-based location, this results in a highly accurate localization system that works in closed rooms and on the move. Goods and load carriers can even be tracked zone by zone even on company premises and in buildings.

Thanks to highly optimized hardware designs, high scalability and the elimination of additional infrastructure, we can offer very low total costs.

What our Customers Say

With BOX ID Systems, our customers not only seamlessly track their flow of goods, they also significantly increase their profitability.

The use of the BOX ID tracking system demonstrably reduces the loss of goods, reduces processing and shortage costs and increases annual returns.

Already more than 30 satisfied customers from the automotive and industrial sectors receive a complete, digital image of the real-world flow of their goods and can thus make their logistics processes more efficient.

Siemens or Zentek Pool System use BOX ID e.g. to design racks and containers for car and machine parts accurately or to track equipment worldwide.

“In a joint project with BOX ID Systems GmbH we were able to optimize the costs for the operation of reusable packaging in a Siemens unit by introducing the asset tracking and monitoring solution from BOX ID. Due to the newly gained transparency of the stock along the entire supply chain, irregularities in the process can now be recognized, the return rate increased, the constant purchase of new packaging avoided and thus also the supply of the customers ensured. In addition to cost savings, a higher level of customer satisfaction is achieved.”


 - Ralf Dupal, Senior Consultant Production & Logistics at Siemens IoT Services Consulting

“The automation and total transparency of internal and external processes is one of our strategic goals. With BOX ID Systems we have a strong and innovative partner with whom we can achieve our objectives. With the cost-efficient tracking sensors and the well-designed web portal, we automate our own process sequences across zones and those of our customers. Due to the scalability of the system, projects such as “container management for mobile assets” or also “increasing the service level for customers” can be quickly implemented with little effort and successfully put into continuous operation.”


- Björn Günther, Head of Sales at Zentek Pool System GmbH

Some of Our Integration and Technology Partners are...

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BOX ID Systems offers you IoT solutions that address your applications according to your needs, flexibly and cost optimized. We give your assets comprehensive visibility: indoor, outdoor and in transit.

For quantities over 10,000 units, we also develop custom design-in modules (for example, smart wireless modules for mold-in).


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