Transparency in the logistics of your containers and load carriers

The BOX ID DoubleTrack is a highly optimized solution for the logistics of containers and load carriers. Extremely robust, smart and with a very long life time. The BOX ID DoubleTrack detects movements or changes in location and can report this information mobile and in an energy-efficient way.


Together with our BOX ID WebInterface, the BOX ID DoubleTrack is a complete end-to-end logistics solution.


Your advantages:

  • Maintenance-free device.
  • Very fast installation and ready for immediate use.
  • Robust and heavy-duty housing.
  • Intelligent software control to optimize energy consumption (operation for years).
  • Seamless integration into the BOX ID WebInterface. High useability. You can quickly create locations, define current processes and be alerted of deviations.
  • Standardized integration with your IoT platform. If you already have an IoT platform, we offer a fast, standardized integration.
  • Highly secure LPWAN communication. Devices are not managed in your corporate network and are therefore no attack points.
  • You keep complete control over your data.

BOX ID DoubleTrack - Highly scalable location solution for your industrial assets - in buildings, warehouses, etc., as well as outdoors - using WiFi and Sigfox tracking.

Size (L x W x H):

140 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm

Weight: 94 g

Tracking of mobile Assets

The BOX ID TripleTrack is the perfect solution if you want to locate your assets in real-time, such as mobile mechanisms, special containers, expensive machines, rental equipment or other items.

  • Reduce search times. One click and you know where your assets are!
  • Optimize value creation in your processes by deriving valuable insights, such as unproductive time frames, routes and misuse.
  • Gain transparency far beyond your company's boundaries.

BOX ID Systems combines with the BOX ID TripleTrack the best positioning technologies in one device. On the one hand, a highly accurate location via GPS (Global Positioning System) is possible. The BOX ID TripleTrack also offers state-of-the-art WiFi positioning. This way, positions can also be determined indoor via WiFi hotspots.


The device is absolutely energy efficient and can be used for several years, depending on the operating mode.


Your advantages:

  • A very compact design and can be easily attached to a variety of different assets.
  • The device is ready for immediate use.
  • The location works indoor and outdoor.
  • You get immediate access to our intuitive software platform.
  • No mobile contracts required - the connectivity is already included!

Size (L x W x H):

197 mm x 20 mm x 27 mm

Weight: 92 g

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