BOX ID Products and Services


Our products seamlessly connect your physical flows of goods and containers to the digital world.

To do so, we offer you a centralized cloud service and a coordinated portfolio of networked hardware.

BOX ID Data Intelligence Platform

The core of our product offering is the BOX ID Data Intelligence Platform. As a cloud service, it is highly available and makes it possible to manage and automatically evaluate any number of mobile tracking devices, as well as all other sources of location data (e.g., from BLE or RFID).

The BOX ID Basic Module enables comprehensive modeling of tracked assets and their flows. Containers, racks, and other mobile assets can be recorded with all their central data and grouped and filtered as desired. Users and tracking devices can also be managed. Hierarchical location structures can be created (e.g., Location > Building > Hall > Zone) and signals can be generated via geofencing, thus triggering actions.

BOX ID Analytics builds on the basic module and offers comprehensive tools to analyze and monitor logistical flows. Numerous reporting functions are available to efficiently track the distribution of assets, their turnaround times and flows, even for large numbers of assets. A comprehensive REST API is also available for this purpose, with which any evaluations can be generated and transferred to other target systems (ERP or TMS systems).

BOX ID Stock Keeping is specifically designed for asset fleets that are used across many participants. Examples include glass racks, special load carriers, and high-value pallets. The software makes it possible to automatically track usage by all participants and make it available for billing. For this purpose, all participants in the supply chain can be modeled with logical inventory accounts and the flows can also be divided into full and empty goods. Postings from the ERP can be considered as well as asset movements generated from sensor data. Permanent inventory monitoring ensures that bottlenecks can be detected much earlier and before there is a threat of the container supply being cut off.

Frequently asked questions about the cloud service

Special agreements around the cloud service are possible from our side. Most of the time, however, they are not necessary at all, as the standard cloud service already covers a great many needs. Typical questions at this point are:

– You want to run the cloud service under your branding? Sure – that is a feature already included in the basic module.

– You want to connect the service via Rest API? Sure – this is also a feature that is already included in the basic module.

– You want to use your own frontend? With the Rest API, even that is not a problem. You can even embed any views into your own frontend.

– You need a Service Level Agreement (SLA)? We are running the service since January 2018 with 365d / 24h with > 99% availability.

– You need a special customization? In most cases, this can be solved via the Rest API. If not, we are happy to work with you to create a Statement of Work (SOW) and a cost estimate for your customization based on it.

Networked sensor devices (“tags”)

The design that fits the application and the quality of the sensor devices used are key to successful rollouts. In this respect, there is no “one device” at this point, rather we work with you to determine the device that best fits your application – technically and commercially.

Which aspects are key when choosing an IoT device?

Positioning quality: What is the minimum resolution and positioning frequency required for a successful realization of the application?

Other sensor data: Are other sensor data required? If yes, in which resolution? Is calibration or certification of the measuring sensors necessary?

Network coverage: What is the geographic scope of the assets under consideration national, international, global?

Housing and form factor: Is the device capable of safely outlasting the planned runtime in terms of its mechanics and attachment to the asset?

Installation of the devices: Can the installation on the asset be optimized to a few minutes? Is there an integration option already available from the asset manufacturer?

Battery life: Can the device achieve the life in the field with a meaningful safety factor under planned behavior? Are thermal cycling, aging only theoretically calculated or actually already proven over large device fleets?

Production quantity: Is the manufacturer actually producing the equipment able to deliver sufficient quantities to ensure that your project can be implemented within the planned time frame?

Price: Is the design and thus the price reduced to the minimum necessary? Every function and feature that is not needed is ultimately a financial disadvantage for you as a customer and unnecessarily increases the complexity of the system.

Certifications: Are all necessary radio certifications available? Does the application require further approvals, such as for transport in aircrafts or use in the pharmaceutical industry?

Warranty: Is the provider able to guarantee the stated values for service life or message budgets?

BOX ID DoubleTrack

The DoubleTrack is optimized for minimum cost and maximum durability. With WiFi positioning, it can be used excellently in material logistics and in the Post-Parcel environment.

Operating time: up to 7 years at 3 messages per day

Positioning: via WiFi (approx. 50m) and radio network (1-10km)

Available radio zones: worldwide

Installed base: 500,000 units

Automotive: special load carriers, large load carriers | Postal, parcel, logistics: all types of rolling containers | Food: all types of transport containers


BOX ID TripleTrack

The TripleTrack is optimized for flexible positioning even away from populated areas. While it can locate itself indoors via WiFi, GPS is available in the open field.

Operating time: up to 5 years at 3 messages per day

Positioning: via GPS (approx. 10m), WiFi (approx. 50m) and radio network (1-10km)

Available radio zones: worldwide

Installed base: >>10,000 units

All types of glass racks | Long goods racks | Disposal containers | Room modules | Construction machinery | Rental equipment | Swap bodies


BOX ID Customized Solutions

For larger quantities we offer the possibility to adapt the hardware also from the form factor to the application. Especially if the sensors can already be installed in the assets during production, there is usually a great potential for cost savings due to the omission of the housing.

Operating time: 1 – 7 years, depending on the use case

Ortung: Localization: Sigfox Bubble (approx. 5m), BLE (approx. 10m), WiFi (approx. 50m), radio network (1-10km)

Available radio zones: Worldwide

Small load carriers, pallets, shopping carts, kegs, etc.


BOX ID Services

We are happy to offer supporting services for your projects from a certain minimum size. We can offer you the following services together with our partners:

Installation Service: The efficient and professional installation of the tags can be offered by us as a service throughout Europe. This includes the development of an installation concept and a roll-out plan as well as the execution of the actual installation work.

Hardware-as-a-Service: In order to preserve your liquidity, we can also provide you with the hardware for an ongoing fee under certain conditions. This allows you to start your project without any investment costs (CAPEX) due at the beginning and to book all payments as operating expenses (OPEX).

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