"In a joint project with BOX ID Systems GmbH, we were able to optimize the costs for operating returnable packaging in a Siemens unit by introducing the asset tracking and monitoring solution from BOX ID. Thanks to the newly gained transparency of the inventory along the entire supply chain, irregularities in the process can now be recognized, the return rate increased, the constant purchase of new returnable packaging avoided and thus the supply to customers ensured. In addition to cost savings, this also results in higher customer satisfaction."


– Ralf Dupal, Senior Consultant Production & Logistics, Siemens Advanta Consulting


How can investment and operating costs be reduced through asset tracking?

How much can you save in your specific application?


In 3 simple steps to the asset management solution  Industrial Plug and Play  100% digital inventory reporting on the newly connected assets is available on the day the project starts.


STEP 1: In less than one week

We create an attractive project concept and price offer for your individual application


STEP 2: In less than two months

Successful implementation of an evaluation project in your real process


STEP 3: In less than three months

Solution roll-out for the entire asset pool with rapid scaling to several 1,000 assets

Project and PoC ➔ Evaluation in your real processes ➔ Ready for operation / roll-out
Project and PoC ➔ Evaluation in your real processes ➔ Ready for operation / roll-out

BOX ID offers a unique solution to lower investment and operating costs in the supply chain: flexible tracking-as-a-service coupled with a supply chain analytics platform.


With the BOX ID Tracking-as-a-Service offer you receive:

  • a highly scalable and secure sensor network,
  • an asset management software platform for analysis,
  • dashboards, KPIs and alerts in one web application,
  • an API that can be integrated into your company's own IT systems.

The Supply Chain Analytics software platform runs in a secure, scalable, and performance-optimized environment based on industry-leading cloud platforms. The solution intelligently combines a wide variety of data sources  depending on your application and requirements. This is how we create the perfect combination of economy and functionality.

Are you looking for a suitable solution for your specific application and need competent and individual advice? We have in-depth knowledge of IIoT technology, very close development work together with our partners and a strong, trusting relationship with our customers.